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Council Participated in the Overseas Chinese Trade Fair

on 09 Jan 2017 12:59 AM
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China-India Business and Culture Promotion Association was invited to be the second overseas Chinese Overseas Expo, which helped to promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and India. The Overseas Chinese Fair, the Association to bring India Ayurveda, yoga and meditation traditional healing projects, the Himalayan original ecological organic tea, Ayurvedic natural products, the Hong Kong kitchen model kitchen and Nanchang will be smart funny technology products. After several days of careful preparation of the partners, the association with a good image in front of the public display of unique style.

This is the exhibition on display at the exhibition of natural skin care products from India and from India Bodhgaya Buddha Buddha enlightenment land of Bodhi tree leaves, for someone to come to bond.

India Ayurveda infirmary project in the Overseas Chinese Fair on roadshow, the Deputy Secretary-General Liu Xiaoxu brief first introduced the uniqueness of the project, and then Ms. Metta India details the project's value and prospects, attracting a number of investors to come to the consultation docking.

Three days exhibition attracted a large number of enterprises to the Association booth consultation and cooperation, very successful conclusion of this exhibition. Association of all participants large photo